Bad Credit Caravan Loans

Bad Credit Caravan Loans

Get Out Explore Australia In Your New Caravan. We Will Give You A Second Chance!

Ready to explore Australia with your family, but being stopped in your tracks by a bad credit history?

We’ve helped thousands get into a caravan with a bad credit history. We understand how unique bad credit caravan loans are, we’ve done over 15,000 of them! Loans for people with bad credit provide financing options to Australians for caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes & RV’s. We provide bad credit caravan finance solutions Australia wide. Give us a call today and find out how easy it is to get finance even with bad credit!
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Why Choose Us To Get A Bad Credit Caravan Loan?

If you’re looking to finance either a new or used caravan, camper trailer or motorhome from a dealers or private sale we are able to help. With same day approvals we are able to get your bad credit finance sorted quick and get you out shopping for your new home away from home.

If you’ve already found your new caravan you probably want fast finance! We will get your finance approved rapidly – we’ve even built an online loan pre-approval application to get things started quicker!
Need more convincing why caravan finance through us is a great idea? Here’s why:

  • Fast Approvals
  • Dealer or Private Caravans
  • We only do bad credit loans – we are good at getting them approved!
  • Free finance quotes
  • Access to 30 leading Australian lenders

With loans for people with bad credit you can get out on the open road sooner. Our caravan finance will set you free of your bad credit history.

Do you have a home loan?

Did you know that if you have a home loan and bad credit or even slightly impaired credit getting a second chance caravan loan can he a little difficult. The easier option is to refinance your home loan with one of our bad credit home loans. Get your caravan at a lower interest rate, with less hoops to jump through.

#1 Bad Credit Finance Caravan Loan Rates

A simple phone call to one of our specialist bad credit lending managers will surprise you how quick & easy we can get you preapproved. We know bad credit loans inside and out meaning we are able to get loans at rates other brokers can’t touch.

We offer bad credit caravan loans from 6.69% p.a.

If you’re seriously in the market for a caravan, camper trailer or motorhome then make a smart decision and get in touch today! Fill out our 30 second bad credit loan quote form (its obligation free).

Different Caravans Types You Can Get Finance For?

We offer finance for almost every single caravan, motorhome, RV & camper trailer. If your able to register is legally we can get finance for you! The most commons types of home away from home vehicles we finance are below:

  • New & Used Caravans
  • Road & Off-road Camper Trailers
  • Pop Out Caravans
  • Wind up Caravans / Camper Trailers
  • Pop top Caravans
  • 5 Wheeler Caravans
  • Motorhomes

Get a bad credit loan pre-approval and then head to a caravan and camping show ready to buy. We will get you on the road sooner & cheaper!

It’s Time to Get Finance Your Holiday Asset

Unsure if you should get that new caravan, motorhome or camper trailer? Consider this, holidays can be really expensive and the quality of where you stay can be a big risk.

With a caravan or camper trailer your purchase is at asset that you can customise to make as comfortable as your own home, the bonus being you can take it almost anywhere in Australia.
If you’re still trying to decide if purchasing a caravan through bad credit caravan finance is a good idea? Have a read of our blog posts – Are Bad Credit Loans Safe & 4 Tips For Getting Bad Credit Loans.

Caravan Towing Options…

Looking at caravan options and thinking your car might not be suitable to tow your new holiday asset? That’s fine, we also do bad credit car loans. Why not get an upgrade to a new four wheel drive that will tow your caravan with ease?

With so much finance information online it may seem easier to spend time calculating repayments, interest rates and loan options yourself, think again; our bad credit lending managers have spent years learning the ins and out of bad credit loans). We literally have over 30 years’ experience in bad credit caravan loans, why delay give us a call today.

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As we are a bad credit loan specialist, we have a range of finance options for all types of finance.

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