Home loans with bad credit

By Tom Caesar - February 10, 2015

Home loans require a significant amount of time. Dedicated to finding the right home loan for you, borrowers need to set aside time for filling out application forms, and for gathering multiple documents as evidence of your credit history. Unfortunately, things can get even more time consuming if you are looking for home loans with bad credit. However, rest assured that there are many lenders who will still provide home loans regardless of your credit history.

Top tips for getting home loans with bad credit:

Research the system that lenders use to assess home loan applications. It can be incredibly frustrating, for those people who have a bad credit history simply because they are self employed or perhaps a new resident in Australia, when companies use a computer based system which simply generates a credit score. Finding a lender who will allow you to speak to a real person and explain your circumstances and talk through your options may produce a very different result

If you have a bad credit history due to poor financial management or major ‘black marks’ such as bankruptcy, try to gather as much evidence as possible to show that you are now back on track. By demonstrating things like an improved budgeting system, a new capacity to save each month, or a high, regular income from a stable job, you may well be able to win back the faith of the lender in your ability to pay back your new loan.

There are specialist lenders who deal with those who have been rejected repeatedly from more mainstream loan providers. Although these may offer a good solution to people struggling to get a loan elsewhere. always approach these lenders with a degree of caution as their interest rates are usually much higher so take your time to double check that you will be able to pay back the loan on time.

Tom Caesar
Tom Caesar is the Managing Director of The Positive Group, a group of Australian financial services companies offering a broad range of finance to clients Australia wide. The Positive Group assist clients in the areas of car finance, mortgages, insurance & wealth management. Tom has been in car & asset finance for over 10 years. Tom regularly contributes articles on car finance, insurance, technology and business growth, drawing on his experience of starting his own brokerage in 2009.


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