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Windscreens Explained

April 7, 2021
Are you taking your windscreen for granted? Not the most technical part of a car, or the most expensive. But a necessary one.
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Car Interior Protection

March 31, 2021
Keep your car interior clean and healthy with these tips and solutions. There’s no need to be breathing in dirty air and looking out of dirty windows anymore.
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What is ANCAP?

March 9, 2021
We all know ANCAP ratings are really important when buying a new car. But what do they actually mean? We investigate.
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The Most Fuel Efficient Cars

February 23, 2021
We take a look at some of the most fuel efficient cars available today. Hatches, family cars, SUVs and sports cars - which match your tastes?
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Cheap Cars That Look Expensive

February 15, 2021
‘You must be doing alright with a car like that’ is a nice comment to hear when driving a cheap car. These cheap cars pull it off. Plus we look at some ‘expensive cheap’ cars.
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Car Care Myths Debunked

February 3, 2021
Car care is a tough commitment - especially when there are so many theories and ideas out there. We go over a few.
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