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How do I know if I have bad credit?

November 28, 2018
It's really important to be aware of your credit rating to find out whether you have bad credit or not. Applying for a loan with bad credit is much easier if you know where you stand.
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How to buy a house with bad credit

November 23, 2018
Having bad credit can make it more difficult to get a home loan. Loans for People with Bad Credit think that everyone deserves the chance to buy a house though, so let us help you find a way.
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What is credit repair?

November 22, 2018
If you have bad credit, you might be looking at credit repair as a way to improve your chances of borrowing money. Understanding what is credit repair will help you along the process.
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Bad credit home loans for single parents

November 20, 2018
There are lots of reputable lenders out there who specialise in bad credit home loans and it’s worth finding out whether they are open to offering single income loans. Start the process today.
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