Bad Credit Car Loan

Bad Credit Car Loans

Get approved for a Bad Credit Car Loan today. Our team of expert credit specialists show you how to get the finance you want.

Apply for a Bad Credit Car Loan

We offer everyone the chance to own their very own new or used car. Specialising in Bad Credit Car Loans and second chance financing, we are the people who make sure that everyone has the opportunity to source responsible, reasonable finance no matter what kind of credit history they have.

Our expert brokers know the market intimately. We have access to the lending criteria you will be judged against so we know exactly what kind of boxes that you need to tick to get over the line.

We can help you understand your finances and what sort of risk you may be described as. We can even help you gain access to your credit file and provide you with options and strategies for improving your credit rating and securing a long-term credit stability.

Knowing Your Options

Bad Credit Car Loans are not impossible to find but you do need the right team of brokers searching for you. Our experts have access to over 30 reputable lenders and the experience needed to ensure we get you the best loan, at the best rate. Most of our customers have experienced one or more of the following:

  • The banks have said no
  • Bad credit history
  • Bankruptcy
  • Late bills and repayments
  • Defaults

Faced with a poor credit history and a rejection, most people give up on trying to find a reasonable finance option or assume that Bad Credit Car Loans specialists only offer unsafe options from dodgy lenders.

We offer only responsible and reasonable finance options from over 30 reputable lenders.

We will never try to secure you a loan or repayment schedule you are not able to meet. We work with you to find you the best option for your circumstances to ensure that you are on the road as fast as possible.

Bad Credit doesn’t mean exorbitant rates!

Our lenders’ interest rates on your car financing options start as low as 6.49% p.a. Yes, you did just read that correctly.

When you can’t rely on a strong credit history to secure a car loan most people assume that they will have to settle for extremely high interest rates instead. This just isn’t true. Yes, your application will be more complicated but a bad credit history is not immediately indicative of a bad finance risk.

Some lenders will insist on a slightly higher rate than usual to ensure that their risks are covered and that’s where our expert brokers come in. We understand that everyone has the occasional financial hiccup and we know what lenders are really looking for when they evaluate your application. Tailoring your car loan to your specific needs, our brokers will secure you the right interest rate on the right loan for your new or used car.

We get you fast approvals on dealer or private car sales.

Where to start with your Bad Credit Car Finance

So you have decided to proceed with a Bad Credit Car Loan with us? Great! Here are a few things to help you with your initial application and guide your expectations.

  1. Remain clear and honest about your current circumstances

    In order to help you secure a great loan for your next car we need to clearly understand your current financial situation. It’s often tempting to leave out of your application details what you think might hold a lender back from approving you but please note that often it is leaving this information out that counts against you.

    After receiving your information our brokers will conduct a financial history check and compare the details you have provided us with. This check may include a deeper inspection of your credit history to accurately evaluate your situation so please provide us with honest, accurate information from the start.

  2. Maintain strong bank statement conduct

    Just because someone’s credit history may not be ideal does not necessarily mean that their bank statement conduct will be too. Lenders will request a copy of your bank statements to check that there is enough money in your account to cover regular repayments. They will also check your savings history and even if you are only able to save small sums, a strong savings history will likely count in your favour on you application. It shows that you are in control of your finances despite your history and capable of arranging your income to accommodate more than your immediate expenses.

  3. Strong employment history is a must

    Current employment is an indicator of your future income and ability to meet your repayment schedule if your finance is approved. If you are employed on a casual basis then lenders are usually looking for a strong tenure of at least 12 months in your current role. For full-time and part-time employees you will usually have had to pass your probationary period to show your lender that you are likely to remain in your current role.

  4. Stable living arrangements and history

    Often lenders will consider the risk of certain applicants based on their residential history. Applicants who do not have a stable living arrangement or have changed addresses several times in a short period of time are considered unstable and to be high risk customers. Maintaining a consistent residential history – or providing details of the reasons you have moved such as promotions or employment postings – will significantly increase your chances of securing a car loan.

  5. Accessing and understanding your Credit File

    As part of our service, we can help you gain access to your current credit file. We will use your credit file to assess your current situation and potential chances of securing car finance but we can also help you to understand your credit file and ways to help improve it. Often bankruptcy will not allow you to access finance but if it has been discharged often 6 months is all you will have to wait before you will be considered for credit again. As expert brokers in our field, we have access to the risk criteria lenders use to evaluate your application and can help you tick as many of the right boxes as possible.

Get your application started today!

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