Bad Credit Car Finance Adelaide

Let us help you. We specialise in getting our customers approved for Bad Credit Car Finance in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs. We can make sure that your car loan application is presented in such a way that our choice of 30 reputable lenders won’t be able to say no. So if you haven’t found your new car yet, get searching!

Getting approved for Bad Credit Car Finance Adelaide is actually a lot easier than most people think. It just takes a little more time than conventional applications because often your lender needs a little more information than they might otherwise request for a car loan.

With decades of specialist experience, the team at Loans for People With Bad Credit have an in-depth understanding of the Australian loans market and exactly what lenders need to guarantee approval on your application.

Living in Banksia Park and looking for a neat town runabout? Looking to upgrade the family car and found a great deal in Aldgate? Travelling from Modbury and need a decent set of wheels?

Our expert brokers can either help you secure the finance you need for a car you have already fallen in love with, or help you source a great deal close to home. You won’t be stranded with a list of pre-approved dealers.

When you’re approved for Bad Credit Car Finance Adelaide at a great rate, you are free to search and purchase your new or used car anywhere that you like.

Start your application today with a quick and simple 30 second online quote. Your broker can not only find you the best rates on offer for you, but we can also help you gain access to your credit file and help repair it, increasing your chances of healthy credit in the future.