No Credit Check Car Loan


Loans for People with Bad Credit are the market leader in providing responsible finance options for No Credit Check Car Loans. Our team of brokers have amassed invaluable insights into the Australian loans market to offer you key skills and experience when negotiating car finance for all types of customers.

We understand what your lender is likely to look for when you apply for a car loan and we know how to ensure that if you don’t tick the initial boxes that you will tick enough of the rest of them to secure your car finance.

Rates from our pool of over 30 reputable finance lenders start at just 6.94%. That’s right, as low as that! We know how to present your credit application as thoroughly as possible to ensure that you get the car loan that’s right for you, fast.

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No Credit Check Car Loans are about securing the value of your intended car loan against the value of the asset you are intending to purchase. Put simply, your lender will judge how much you want to borrow against the value of the car you are trying to buy. The value of the loan will then be secured against the asset negating the need for you to undertake lengthy or complicated credit check enquiries. You get your new or used car straight away!

The best way to secure a fast and painless finance option is to borrow less than the asset is worth. If you have managed to save up part of the purchase price of the vehicle and require a loan to cover the rest then you are already well on your way to a fast and painless approval, without the need for any credit checks or lengthy delays.

Similarly if you have a strong asset to borrow against this will also speed up your loan application process. Owning your own home and owing less on your mortgage than the property is worth is also another fast and easy financing option. Your lender will secure the value of your new or used car against the asset you put forward covering their risks and getting you on the roader sooner.

No Credit Check Car Loan Approvals

To ensure you do experience a fast and painless approval process there are a couple of things you should keep in mind as an applicant.

  1. Be open and accurate.

    One thing lenders do not like is a poor or incomplete application. When applying for a loan it is extremely important to accurately list your assets and liabilities. In this way your application can be properly assessed from the start, giving you and your lender a quick and uncomplicated process.

  2. Know what your lender is looking for.

    Loans for People With Bad Credit understand the Australian loans market intimately. We already know what your lender is looking for in a good applicant so we can help you present your current financial situation in an easy and painless light, showing your lender exactly what they’re looking for in a fast approval.

  3. Maintain a strong bank statement history.

    Your bank statement history is your best friend when applying for No Credit Check Car Finance. Provide at least three months of strong cash management ideally including a positive balance every month as well as savings.

Get the ball rolling today and we’ll get you on the road in your new or used car fast.