Car Loans for People With Bad Credit

Car Loans for People With Bad Credit by the brokers who can secure you a great car loan at the perfect rate. Know your options and take our 30 second online car loan quote.

Car Loans for People With Bad Credit

Car Loans for People With Bad Credit are not as hard to secure as most people believe. It doesn’t matter that your credit history is bad; what matters is that you’re in touch with the right people who can get you that new or second hand car you need to get on the road, with the right car loan.

Fair Car Loans for People Who Deserve a Second Chance – Starting at 6.94%

So you’ve got a bad credit history? Most of the big banks have knocked you back? You’ve still got your eye on that car? Good. Car Loans for People With Bad Credit can help.

Our finance brokers are bad credit specialists who know how to find the right car loan for your financial position.

Whether you’re in Greater Sydney or Timbuktoo, we’ve got a car loan that can suit your needs and get you on the road.

We have access to over 30 lenders who understand that bad credit doesn’t mean a bad application and we strive to secure the lowest interest rate possible, starting at just 6.94% p.a.

Buy your car anywhere you choose – private sale or dealership

You’re not stuck with a selection of approved dealers, either. We can find you a car loan for your chosen car, not the other way around, whether you choose to buy from a private seller or a dealership. We can even help you find the car you need with our experienced car sourcing staff.

Get the Car and the Right Credit Profile

We know how the system works and the best ways to get you back on the right financial heading, no matter how grim your financial position appears to be.

As part of a bad credit car loan application, our brokers help you access your credit file and advise ways in which you can improve it.

Have you been bankrupted? You can get a loan once you’re discharged.

Most lenders won’t offer you a car loan if you’ve filed for bankruptcy but if that is discharged most car finance providers will consider applications after a period of 6 months.