Home Loans With Bad Credit

Home Loans With Bad Credit can be tricky to source. Let us help you acquire your dream with our team of bad credit brokers who specialise in finding the right home loan option.

Find Home Loans With Bad Credit or Self-employed applicants

Our clients are Aussies just like you, looking for Homes Loans With Bad Credit and struggling to manage their finances while striving for the great Australian Dream. We’ve secured home loans for individuals and families from all walks of life and with all types of credit files.

Why choose us as your mortgage broker?

Firstly, we specialise in bad or impaired credit histories, as well as self-employed applicants.

Our team of brokers have access to a range of home loan providers and lenders who also specialise in providing finance to people with impaired credit files.

This gives us a unique understanding and insight into all of the available home loan options across the Australian market.

Our track record includes 80% of all home loan applications approved. We also offer our clients Obligation Free applications.

Do you know what bad credit is and how it affects your application?

We can run a free credit check for you and help you gain access to your credit file.

Usually your credit report will contain all enquiries made over the last 5 years. You may find that failed applications can count against you if you’ve continued to apply for and failed to obtain a home loan.

Your mortgage broker will be able to explain everything so you understand it.

Registered defaults and judgements will usually remain on your file, regardless of whether or not they have been paid. If you have filed for bankruptcy the record of that could start on your file for up to 7 years.

Ready to learn more?

Make an enquiry today and learn how you to move past your credit history and get the home of your dreams.