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What is the Impact of Bankruptcy?

March 17, 2020
Being declared bankrupt can be a really daunting and overwhelming experience. You may be worried about what the future holds – both personally and financially, as well as dealing with day to day life. Yet bankruptcy doesn’t mean the end of the world. Knowing as much as possible about what bankruptcy entails and understanding the […]
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Poor Habits that Lead to Debt

March 16, 2020
All of us are prone to splashing out on things every so often – whether you love to buy clothes and shoes, or are constantly looking for the latest car to upgrade to. Yet if your bad spending habits are leading you into a spiral of debt, you need to act soon to avoid financial […]
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How to Manage Your Money Like a Millionaire

March 11, 2020
If you have bad credit, dreams of acting like a millionaire might seem like a very distant possibility. Don’t worry though – there are lots of steps you can take to start improving your bad credit score and getting on the way to a better financial state. Manage your money like a millionaire and you […]
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Facts You Need to Know About Short-Term Loans

March 6, 2020
There are lots of reasons why you might be considering a short term loan but if you have bad credit short term loan facts are essential to have up your sleeve when it comes to making a decision. Always consider a short term loan carefully. For some people, they can be a great financial tool […]
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5 Financial Habits That Will Improve Your Life

February 28, 2020
Do you have bad credit? Want to know some life-changing financial habits that you can apply quickly and easily to your life? Read these financial tips to improve life and finances. Setting financial habits is the key to improving your life, raising your credit score and getting yourself on the right track long term. It […]
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Strategies for Getting Your Credit Cards Under Control

January 31, 2020
Credit cards certainly have their uses and they can be really helpful to many people in different financial situations. Yet it’s easy to misuse credit cards and quickly see your finances spiralling out of control. Learning how to use your credit cards effectively will keep your credit card debts under control. Read this article to […]
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How to Get a Loan When You Have Unpaid Defaults

January 17, 2020
If you’re thinking of getting a car loan with unpaid defaults, you may have lots of questions about how successful your application will be. Car loans can be a little overwhelming, to begin with, but if you have bad credit caused by unpaid defaults, you’ll probably want a bit of help to guide you through […]
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A Savings Plan That Works

January 6, 2020
Making a savings plan is a great first step to getting on track financially and ensuring that you have money set aside for when you need it most. Yet it’s not always easy to stick to a savings plan and many people repeatedly fail to make their work. So how can you plan your strategy […]
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How to Get Car Financing with Bad Credit

December 30, 2019
Do you have bad credit but keen to get car finance? You’re probably a bit daunted by the idea of bad credit car financing. But don’t panic. There are ways to get the right car finance for you regardless of your credit rating. Bad credit shouldn’t be an obstacle to you getting out on the […]
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Pros and Cons of Extended Car Loans

December 23, 2019
If you have bad credit, you may have considered getting an extended car loan. There are lots of pros and cons to taking this step and it’s important to understand both sides of the argument before you make your decision. It’s always important to seriously think about what you can afford. If you’re looking to […]
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