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What Are My Options If I Have An Insufficient Credit History?

June 18, 2019
Bad credit is not the only reason for loan rejection. Lenders can also turn you down if you have an insufficient credit history. An insufficient credit history means having none or not enough record in the credit reporting bureaus to generate a credit score. This happens when you have not used a credit card or […]
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6 Tips for People With Bad Credit to Get Good Credit

April 17, 2019
When you apply for a loan, lenders assess your creditworthiness (ability to repay a debt) and credit rating before deciding whether or not to give you the money. This rating is based on your income and debt history. You need to follow some tips to get a good credit score before applying for one. If […]
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How Do I Know If I Have Bad Credit?

November 28, 2018
It's really important to be aware of your credit rating to find out whether you have bad credit or not. Applying for a loan with bad credit is much easier if you know where you stand.
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What is Credit Repair?

November 22, 2018
If you have bad credit, you might be looking at credit repair as a way to improve your chances of borrowing money. Understanding what is credit repair will help you along the process.
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How Do You Repair Bad Credit?

August 6, 2018
If you have a bad credit score, it can feel incredibly daunting to ever consider applying for loans. However, don’t worry – there are ways to repair bad credit to help you borrow money in the future.
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How to Remove Defaults From Credit History

July 23, 2018
If you have been suffering from a bad credit profile, you may be wondering how you can remove defaults from credit history. Whether you’re fully aware or have only just found out that defaults impact your credit score, it can be daunting to confront. You may be wondering how you can improve your situation. Raise […]
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Tips on How to Get a Car Loan with Really Bad Credit

June 25, 2018
When it comes to credit score, some Australians sit on the lower end of the scale. But even with a poor credit score, plenty of people secure bad credit car loans every year. Even if your credit score is extremely low – within the range of 300 – 400, it is still possible for you […]
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6 Smart Strategies to Recover from a Bad Credit Profile

February 5, 2018
When you have bad credit, you’ll find it difficult to access a range of financial products or services and would immediately want to recover from a bad credit profile. For instance, buying a car or buying a home can be much more difficult if your credit profile is poor. A bad credit profile may not […]
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