Got Bad Credit? Need Finance?
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Getting bad credit finance requires in-depth knowledge of the finance industry, access to multiple lenders, understanding of each individual scenario and most importantly, knowing how to say yes! We help literally thousands of Australians every year get a range of bad credit loans.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad Credit Car Loans

If you have had trouble in the past whether it is defaults or discharged from bankruptcy or maybe you have just been refused from the banks? Don't let this stop you!

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad credit personal loans can be difficult to get. We are experts in listening & assessing your situation and finding a solution. We can help you get approved for bad credit finance when the banks say no!

Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans

Looking for some leisure equipment ? We help finance caravans,camper trailers, motorbikes, jet skis, fishing boats, tractors, trucks & much more... if you need a bad credit loan, we'll do our best to get you approved!

Loans for bad people testimonials

Both Daniel and I just wanted to say that we can't thankyou enough for your wonderful help and patience with our application for a new car. We both made mistakes when we where young and ended up with bad credit. The banks & credit unions said no, we are so lucky we found you. Our new car was delivered yesterday and she is amazing! We had almost given up when we found you. Thank you so much.

Kirra and Daniel

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