Loans for People with Bad Credit are about giving people a second chance. If you have had trouble in the past whether it is defaults or discharged from bankruptcy or maybe you have been knocked back by one of the banks?
We have over 35 years experience and are professionals at getting people who have had a bad credit history a loan. We have over 30 different lenders that we can choose from to get you matched up to the correct loan you need.
We can assist people from all walks of life with the following loan products:

We will do all the legwork for you with an aim to educate you to understand how you can get approved if it isn’t right now. Our customer service team has the knowledge on credit reports and can assist with the removal of defaults and judgements if your situation warrants it. We know how difficult it is dealing with telco companies and financial institutions and can advise you on the right methods to get it sorted.
We can assist people with the following on their credit report:

  • Unpaid defaults
  • Paid defaults
  • Unpaid Judgements
  • Paid Judgements
  • Discharged from Bankruptcy
  • Discharged from Part 9 debt agreements
  • Currently in a part 9 debt agreement (must have good payments history for 18 months)
  • Too many enquiries
  • New credit history
  • No credit references

At Loans for People with Bad Credit, we believe that if we can’t get you approved then no one else can. Why not put us to the test, call 1300 769 384 and speak with a consultant or make a online enquiry. We won’t run a credit check until we have spoken with you and believe we can assist you.